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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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I believe that our group,
a legacy from our father
and one day the future of our children,
will achieve goals tomorrow
that are unimaginable today.
The future depends on our choices. .
Our Vision
Like bees .
The principle behind the hexagon.
Ingenuity, operability and a sense of efficiency.
Our Vision
Respect .
Our daily work
is guided by this value.
Our Vision

Companies in the group.


Sixty years of expertise and innovation.
Of ideas and ambitions.

A great company is always based on a great ambition.
And the whole history of the Cosmo Group has been marked by an ambition and desire to grow and improve.

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The management.

Quality is a matter of well-being.

It is primarily a state, or condition.
It is the quality in our way of working that ensures the quality of our achievements.

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Our vision.

Our daily work is inspired by a particular value: respect.

Respect for a world that generously welcomes us, but does not belong to us: a world we have a duty to preserve for generations yet to come.

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The future depends on our choices. .