Technology: Technological plants

With the new millennium the company realises it is necessary to build a new plant for waster recovery, not only for inert waste but also for waste from polluted soils and industrial waste, to be transformed and reused in the building sector.

In 2005 the idea becomes reality with the building of a Technology Centre that covers an area of 80,000 square metres including 18,000 square metres of covered area, which, through a production cycle consisting of interacting technologies of the last generation, allows new types of waste processing as well as the production of concrete products made with percentages of waste.

Starting right from the design and construction process, the structure was created as a recovery plant for hazardous and non-hazardous waste with the objective of achieving the best environmental solutions, guaranteeing maximum safety and optimizing all treatment processes in order to obtain secondary raw materials, aggregates, recycled material for road foundations, cement, cement and bituminous concrete to be used as retaining walls and/or box separators.

During the last two years the plant has obtained the integrated environmental authorisation (AIA), expanding its activities in the disposal of hazardous and dangerous waste not destined for other sites.

All production cycles are carried out within the covered area and every system is complementary to each other thanks to the acquisition of the latest technology that, integrated into the recovery process, optimizes the cycle using equipment such as:

  • Soil Washing Plant
  • Desorption Plant
  • Sludge dehydration and filtration plant
  • Selection and sorting platform plant for waste that can be assimilated to urban waste
  • Crushing and Screening plant
  • Production of bonded aggregates
  • Modular elements for retaining walls in reinforced concrete
  • Concrete mix plants
  • Cold mix asphalt plants

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