Events - Cosmo for social activities

"Survival chain" Project

Cosmo Group, as well as for social activities, is always active, alert and ready to provide its contribution also for health and prevention matters. In fact, it joined the "survival chain" project sponsored by the Rotary Club Venezia dei Tempesta contributing to the purchase of 21 defibrillators to be delivered in seven municipalities in the area of Mirano.

The ceremony took place in Noale, Sunday, 22 February at the S. Giorgio hall, on the occasion of 110 years of Rotary activities.

Assisted transport for the disabled and elderly people

Cosmo Group, particularly sensitive to social problems, wanted to contribute to the improvement of a fundamental and vital service in the territory such as the assisted transport for disabled and elderly people, providing a vehicle equipped to carry out this task to the social services of the municipal administration.

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