Technology: Renewable energy

Renewable Energy Sources are experiencing a phase of great development in the world, assuming increasing importance in the production of clean energy. Cosmo Group, sensitive to the energy issue, has equipped itself with efficient technologies in the renewable energy field realising a photovoltaic plant and a biomass cogeneration plant at the Via Mestrina Centre.


Solar photovoltaic technology converts sunlight directly into electricity. The panels are composed of "photovoltaic cell" basic units that behave as tiny batteries due to solar radiation.

The plant is positioned on the roof of buildings and consists of 3,500 microcrystalline photovoltaic modules that develop a potential of 900 kWp.


It has the most advanced technology for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. Cogeneration technology ensures energy supply, energy saving, low emissions of greenhouse gases and other polluting gases.

The material used as biomass fuel consists of:

  • Material obtained from plants produced from forest operations, forest maintenance and pruning;
  • Material obtained from plants produced by the mechanical processing of virgin wood consisting of bark, sawdust, shavings, chips, virgin wood logs and shavings, virgin wood waste and chips, aggregates and virgin cork waste, not contaminated by pollutants;
  • Plane trees infected by canker stain destined to incineration by combustion.

The cogeneration plant is constructed with the capacity of supplying 950 kW electric power which is entirely transferred to the network, while thermal energy (6,300 kW power) recovered from the exhaust fumes in the form of clean hot air at a temperature of 250C, is transferred directly to the rotary earth drying kiln and the purge water from the cooling tower is periodically recovered for the physical-chemical treatment of peat.

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